A Nice Visit to my Cousin’s House Pt. 2

A Nice Visit to my Cousin’s House

*PART 2*

This is a fantasy that I one day intend to make a reality.

Characters: Me, Shauna, Kiera



That night we packed into Kiera’s bed and watched our movies. My heart stopped when I realized Shauna was only wearing a matching laced two piece. My dick instantly grew and Kiera noticed.

“I don’t think ur choice of clothing is making our guest very comfortable”.

She pointed to my bulge with her eyes.

“It’s okay, it’s natural” Shauna chuckled.

“Mhmmmm” Kiera replied with a look on face that I didn’t quite understand.

Shortly after our movie ended. Kiera said she was going to freshen up before bed. The second she left the room Shauna turned to me.

“What made you excited last night?” She asked. “Was it the same thing that got you going tonight?” She instantly removed the blanket revealing her wet af panties. I didn’t need any more consent. I grabbed my cousin’s face and began to kiss her passionately.


Shauna broke our kiss to speak

“When I saw your state last night it got me real horny, so when I jumped into bed I had some really naughty thoughts about the two of us. I orgasmed twice for the first time ever all from thinking about your fat cock down my throat. Now I’m gonna return the favor”

She placed her hand over my rock hard bulge in my pants and began rubbing it gently. Then all of a sudden, a thought of greed came upon her.

“Actually, I’m sure youve fantasized about me plenty, I want you to make me cum first”

She ripped off her panties to expose her cute, cleanly shaven pussy. I wasn’t sure if Shauna was a virgin or not but I knew she has had one or two boyfriends in the past that didn’t last very long. She placed her hand on the back of my head and slammed my face towards her spread eagle. The aroma was amazing. I had no experience in this at all but I had some idea from watching the occasional porn video here and there. I began by kissing the lips of her pussy to which she replied with the odd moan every now and then. After a few seconds I decided to start eating her out completely. Her hips buckled in simultaneously with every lick and kiss. I moved up towards her clit and began at this. This drove her insane. I kept this up before slipping two fingers in her soaking wet pussy. She lay down and began screaming along with her hips buckling like crazy. She was in the middle of a massive orgasm, her best ever I guessed based on her reaction. Her cum tasted amazing. I began slurping up every drop that she relieved from her pussy.

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“Shit.. oh shit… Fuck yeah baby yes. That was amazing” Shauna said.

This turned me on so much and I wanted the dirty talking to continue but before I could respond Kiera rushed in to see what the screams were about.

“Holy shit Kiera, I… We… I didn’t…” I was completely lost for words.

I looked down at Shauna who was just smiling up at her sister, Kiera smiling back at her.

“Well it sure looked like you two had some fun”

“What the fuck was going on?, Why wasn’t Kiera annoyed and how is Shauna so calm right now?” With so many thoughts rushing through my head I completely lost my train of thought. I jumped out of bed, ran past Kiera who was still standing in the doorway and locked myself in my room for the night where I didn’t sleep one bit. I was too busy thinking about how calm things were between Shauna and Kiera when we got caught. What was going on in this house that I didn’t know about, because something felt off.


The next morning I slept right through my alarm and woke around 11. I went straight down stairs for breakfast only to find Kiera over at the oven.

“Morning sleepy head, I made pancakes”.

I don’t think theres anything better in this world than my cousin Kiera’s pancakes. It was like a tradition that I’d have to have them everytime I visited. I took a seat at the table and thirty seconds later a fat stack of pancakes were placed right in front of me followed by a kiss on the cheek.

“She’s never done that to me before” I thought as Kiera walked away.

I quickly finished the stack of pancakes before Kiera came and sat beside me.

“Wow, I’ve never seen someone eat something so fast in my life!”

I dropped my knife and fork in horror before realizing she was talking about the pancakes.

“They were delicious, thanks very much”.

“Don’t mention it” she replied followed by a little wink. Seductive or not I couldn’t tell so I just smiled back at her.

“Where’s Shauna?” I asked knowing it would arouse memories of the night before.

“I sent her out this morning to do some groceries as punishment for her behavior last night.” she chuckled. “You looked like you enjoyed yourself anyway, I’ve never seen someone eat out a pussy as well as you last night”.

I couldn’t believe it, Kiera had seen me and her sister fooling around with each other?. I was sure whether to be embarrassed, shocked or happy about all this.

“Excuse me?”

“Oh don’t play dumb with me, I saw you two last night. In my fucking bed of all places. Dirty fucking teens these days. Not gonna lie it got me a little horny though.”

“What???” I replied in shock.

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“Sorry I couldn’t help myself, I may have slipped my hand down my panties and a had a little play with myself while I watched you two go at each other like that.”

By now Kiera was standing over me as I was still sat at the table shocked by what I was hearing. Her voice was getting more seductive as she went on.

“I never imagined that my baby cousin’s cock would grow up to be so big. I was barely able to stop myself from climbing up on that bed and joining you two last night. It looked so fucking hot.”

She noticed the bulge growing in my pants almost immediately. Slowly, she bent over and placed the palm of her hand on my bulge and began slowly rubbing.

“Does that feel good honey?” she asked seductively.

I nodded back at her slowly before placing my hand on the back of her neck and pulling her in close. We kissed passionately for a minute or two before she spun my chair around, got on her knees and unbuckled my jeans. I was sitting there in a vest and pants frozen still in shock. Kiera began kissing my hard on through my pants, each kiss slow and gentle. After a few seconds Kiera stood up. She was wearing a night vest that didn’t even extend over her stomach and a small and tight pair of cotton shorts that left most of her ass exposed. She lifted her vest up over her head to reveal her perfect perky tits that I had fantasized so much about. As she pulled the vest of her head her tits bounced up and down. My eyes were locked on them as they bounced. Kiera noticed my eyes following them.

“Oh, I see you like that” she said with a smile. She began jumping up and down slightly causing her tits to bounce with her movement. “Mmmm you do like that don’t you?” She cupped her tits with both hands and shook them up and down. She then let a little bit of spit drop down out of her mouth onto each tit which she then rubbed all over them. I couldn’t just sit there idle any longer. I pulled my pants off and grabbed my cock which was now rock hard. I began slowly stroking my cock as Kiera was putting on a show for me.

“It seems as though you’ve got that hard enough for me. I’ll take it from here, it’s the least I can do after I interrupted you and my sister last night.”

She slowly walked over to me, tits hanging freely. She got back on her knees and took my cock in her hand. She started stroking it slowly, she then spat on the head and soaked my cock in her spit. She picked up the pace after my shaft was nice and lubed. I started buckling in pleasure in the chair. Kiera saw this and without hesitation stuck my whole cock in her mouth and began sucking my cock like crazy.

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“Oh fuck yeah Kiera just like that.”

I began matching her mouth movements by thrusting back and forward causing my cock to hit the back of her throat every time I did so. She began to gag like crazy, she took my whole cock down her throat and kept her mouth wrapped around the foot of my shaft for a few seconds before lifting it up and giving a huge gasp of relief. Strands of spit came up with her mouth and it was drawn away from my cock. Her face was red and her eyes were bloodshot. She took all the spit away from her mouth and rubbed it all over my cock. It was the sloppiest blowjob I’d ever had. After Kiera had finally got her breath back, she looked up at me and smiled.

“That’s the best cock I’ve gone down on in a long fucking time”. She sat forward and placed my cock between her tits who were still soaked with spit. “Time to finish you off you naughty little fucker”. She began to thrust up and down on my cock that was firmly placed between her tits. This was my first ever boob job and it felt fucking amazing! I realized that Kiera was much more experienced than Shauna and I would make sure that this wasn’t our last experience together. I began to feel the urge to cum so I removed my cock from my cousin’s tits and pushed head back. She stuck out her tongue and took my cum on it and all over her face. I made sure to keep her head still and jerk every last drop on to her tongue.

“Holy fuck you water-hosed me” she said with a chuckle while using her finger to get all the cum off her face and suck it up with her lips. I sat back down on the kitchen chair speechless and exhausted as Kiera sat on the kitchen floor with cum still dripping from her face. I was about to break the silence when I heard the front door open. Shauna was back and I was sitting naked in the kitchen with her fucking sister. I glanced over at Kiera and she just shrugged her shoulders back at me. When Shauna turned the corner into the kitchen she dropped the two bags of groceries to the floor in absolute horror…

Part 3 coming soon!

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