College son takes mother during a massage

College son takes mother during a massage, My name is David, 18 years old, in college. Somehow, in spite of my family, I never became an athlete, I just did not have the body. I resigned myself to joining a computer club and learnt some Internet skills. At the club, we had free, unrestricted access to the Internet. It didn’t take long before I used it to access pornography. I was initially put off by the pictures of the leering, seductive women, they were just too fake. Then a buddy of mine gave me an Internet address and told me to check it out.

I did as soon as possible. It turned out to be an incest site featuring true incest cases. I read the cases one by one and looked at the pictures. The people seemed to enjoy themselves so much, perhaps it was because they were related. But I quickly began to lose interest in the cases, again, they seemed quite fake. Until I saw this case of a son who had seduced his mother. I read their story and was intrigued.

It sounded exactly like my family. My dad had divorced my mum and married some woman and moved away. All that we had was the house and some money. Mum had no choice but to go to work while I attended school. Life was tough and she would always give me advice about studying hard to get a good job.

She also told me that if I ever found the right woman, I should love her forever and never leave her no matter what happened. I just accepted whatever she said, never thinking twice about them. But this case made me remember her advice. In this case, the mother had also told her son exactly the same advice. In the end, the son professed his love to his mother one day. They consummated their relationship immediately. I looked through the pictures that they had taken. It was amazing. The mother and son actually enjoyed fucking each other. The mother especially seemed to enjoy blowing her son’s penis.

This immediately gave me a hard-on that did not subside even when I arrived home that evening. Mum had just returned home and was in the kitchen preparing dinner. I put down my things and joined her there. When I saw her, I was immediately captivated by her.


She was wearing her work clothes: a white blouse that wasn’t really see-through but you could make out her bra, and a tight black office skirt that reached just above her knees. They weren’t particularly sexy clothes, but on her body, they made her look really beautiful. Her legs were long and slender, just like her arms. In fact, she had managed to keep her 40- year-old body slim and in shape by doing routine exercises. I never really bothered about her exercise, but now I knew why I should encourage her to continue them. Her breasts were not huge like melons but not small like a teenager reaching puberty. They were sufficiently big to be enticing. Her long hair was let free and hung just below her shoulders. I approached her and helped her lay the table in the kitchen, all the time admiring her body. I had never been so captivated by her before.

Dinner was uneventful. We talked about her work and my studies. After clearing the dishes, I went to my room while mum had a bath. As soon as I heard the bathroom door close, I jumped on my bed, pulled down my pants and briefs, and took my penis in my hand. The erection was getting too painful and needed to be relieved. I stroked it quickly as thoughts of my naked mother danced in my head. I imagined that she was posing for me like a model, then she bent down and took my penis in her mouth. The thought was so incredible that I came almost immediately. White cum shot all over my bare abdomen and thighs and the bedsheet. I cursed and got up. I had a box of tissues at my bedside and I grabbed some tissues to clean the sheets. I couldn’t let my mum see or smell the cum. At the same time, I cleaned up my body, it would be terrible to wet myself with my cum.

Just then, I heard my door creak.

That was strange since I was sure I had closed it. I got up and went to inspect, not bothering to pull up my pants. I looked up at the doorway and got the shock of my life. Mum was standing there, a towel wrapped around her lithe body, and she was looking at me. I looked down and saw my exposed penis. Immediately, I turned around and stuffed it back into my pants. At that moment, I heard mum turn away. We didn’t see each other for the rest of the night. I masturbated a second time, then went to sleep with dreams of my mum being fucked by me. The next morning, Mum was already up and had breakfast prepared.

She was at the table drinking a cup of coffee. I hesitated for a moment, then joined her at the table. She glanced at me, then looked away, then turned back to me. I looked into her eyes. I could tell she wanted to say something, most likely about what had happened last night, but she just continued drinking. Finally, she stood up and poured the rest of the coffee down the sink. I looked at her body, she was wearing a pink dress that wrapped around her body tightly. It really showed off her body. After washing the cup, mum turned to face me. There was an uneasy pause. She swallowed, then asked, “Am I pretty?”

“Huh?” I asked, unsure of what to make of the question.

“I asked, do you think I’m beautiful?”

“Erm…” I didn’t know how to answer. Hell, yeah, she was ravishing, she had the body of a goddess, but could a son say that to his mother?

“Tell me the truth.”

I gulped. “Err, yes, I think you’re beautiful.”

“Hmm.” She took her bag and coat from the kitchen counter. “That’s nice, because your dad never said that about me.”

“He didn’t?” I thought that was strange, what man wouldn’t say his wife was beautiful, especially a wife like mum?

She shook her head. “But at least you’re not your father.” She smiled. I was taken in by that.

Sure, I had seen her smile before, but after all the incestuous thoughts that had invaded my dreams last night, this smile seemed… seductive.

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She went to work and I went to school. I skipped all of my classes and spent the entire day in the computer lab, searching for more mother-son incest stories. It was amazing, I must have found nearly a hundred, half of which had pictures. I imagined that in each case, the son was me and the mother was mum. It was incredibly erotic. I had to see mum again. Unfortunately, when I went home after school, mum had left a message on the answering machine saying she would be home late. I cursed and went to bed early, masturbating myself to sleep, not caring that I wet my pants and bedsheet. chat

The next day was Saturday. Mum didn’t work on Saturdays, she would stay at home doing housework, like cleaning the floor and windows. I didn’t go to school on Saturdays and would help around the house. Mum was already up when I came downstairs. She was wearing a T-shirt and shorts and had already started sweeping the floor. I avoided the area where she cleaned otherwise she would make a big fuss. I was about to go to the kitchen when I decided to steal a peek at mum. Her back was to me, so I took in her entire frame without worry. When I saw her about to turn, I hurried into the kitchen.

That’s when it struck me. Mum was wearing one of those pairs of thin tight shorts, the type that creased whenever she moved. It was also the type that would show the outline of her panties. But today, I hadn’t seen that telltale outline. Maybe I had missed it, I thought. I peeked out of the kitchen again and stared at her bottom. Sure enough, there was no panty outline. My eyes widened and I gulped. She wasn’t wearing any panties! Her bare crotch was touching the material of the shorts! That was an immediate turn-on. I tried to calm myself by eating breakfast.

As I ate at the table, I thought about mum. Man, she was damn beautiful and sexy, why didn’t she have a boyfriend? Dad had divorced nearly three months ago, that was long enough for her to be lonely and start looking for a new partner. But she hadn’t and that intrigued me. Maybe she wasn’t looking for one? That could be possible, she could still love dad.

I didn’t hear mum come in. She startled me when she sat down at the table. I jumped and looked at her. She looked tired. She was just staring blankly into space. “Are you okay, mum?” I asked in a concerned tone.

She didn’t answer but just rested her forehead in the palms of her hands.

I tried not to stare at her but couldn’t help myself. My eyes traced the outline of her arms, her hair, her face (oh, her angelic face!), her sides, her breasts… Her breasts! I looked hard. Yes, those were definitely her nipples poking at the fabric of her shirt. My goodness! She wasn’t wearing any underwear at all! This was definitely unusual. I always viewed my mum as the good, upright woman and every good, upright woman I knew always wore underwear. So why was my mum naked under her clothes? I had to know. A plan formulated in my head.

“Want a massage, mum?” I asked, getting up and standing behind her. She nodded. I placed my hands on her shoulders, while standing far enough so that the bulge in my pants wouldn’t be pressed against the seat back. Slowly, I kneaded the muscles in her shoulders. She let out a soft sigh as my fingers worked into her neck. I pushed her hair aside and worked at the side of her neck. She bent her head, giving me more room.

“That feels so good, David,” she said softly.

I smiled. This was working perfectly! Now, I had to go to the next stage. “You know, mum,” I said, “your whole body feels tense. Maybe a full body massage would make you better.” She didn’t answer immediately and I thought she had seen through my plan.

Then she turned to face me and said, “That sounds like a great idea! I should have thought of that earlier.”

We went up to her room. Mum lay on her bed on her front. It was a queen- sized bed and she took up only half the space, so I sat next to her on the empty half, positioning myself carefully so that she couldn’t see the noticeable bulge in my pants. My penis was aching and I desperately needed to relieve myself, but couldn’t, knowing that I had come this far.

I proceeded to massage her shoulders again. Slowly, I moved down her back, kneading every square inch. It was incredibly erotic but I felt disappointed that she still had her shirt on. I continued massaging until I came to her waist. Her T-shirt was tucked out and a bit of her flesh was exposed. I touched it lightly. She shivered but said nothing. I massaged her lower back, mostly on her shirt, but occasionally stealing some touches on her bare back. “Hey, mum,” I said, “would you like me to massage some oil into your back? I bet that would make you more comfortable.”

“Mm, I guess,” she said. “The oil’s at my nightstand.”

I got up and took it. I poured some oil in my palms and proceeded to massage the bare part of her waist. Slowly, my hands crept under her shirt along her back. Mum didn’t say anything, so I continued to move higher.

“Wait,” she said suddenly.

I was stunned. Did she know what I wanted?

“Let me take off my shirt so it won’t get in your way.” She sat up, her back towards me. “No peeking!”

I couldn’t believe my eyes! There was my mum, sitting next to me, and she was pulling her T-shirt over her head. My eyes nearly popped out when I looked at the middle of her back, where the strap for her bra should be, and there was none! She was absolutely topless, just as I had suspected! Mum threw the shirt down on the floor, then lay back on her front.

“Okay, carry on.” I just sat there, looking at my mum’s bare back. It was amazing! Never in my wildest dreams had I ever imagined this! I hesitated long enough for her to turn and look at me.

“Are you all right?” she asked.

Her voice jolted me and I quickly turned my attention from her back to her face. “Erm, sure, sure,” I stammered. She smiled and turned back. I poured some oil on her back and massaged it slowly. As I did, she started talking about her job. Apparently, she didn’t really enjoy it. She complained about her condescending boss and her unhelpful colleagues. But she had no choice, it was the only job she could get so she had to stick with it. She went on and on as I massaged her entire back. Soon, her back was glowing with the oil.

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I looked down at her waist. It was hardly touched. I started to massage it but her shorts kept getting in the way. Would she take the hint and take it off too? I waited for it but she never offered to do so.

Finally, I said, “Mum, do you mind if I, erm, pull your shorts down a bit?”

“Why?” she asked.

“So I can properly massage your lower back.”

She thought about it, then said, “Okay, but not too low.”

I could have jumped for joy right there and then but I restrained myself. I had to do this right or I would never get another chance. I gripped the waistband of her shorts and pulled it down. I didn’t stop, waiting for her to give the signal. When the top of her ass cheeks was exposed, she mumbled, “Stop there.” Reluctantly, I let go of her shorts.

Then another idea came to my head. I got up and sat on her legs with my crotch directly at her bottom.She turned around. “What are you doing?”

“It’s better this way, mum,” I said, “so I can massage you more effectively.”


I nodded. Inside, I prayed that she wouldn’t understand what I really meant.

“Oh well, okay.”

A wide grin spread across my face.

My erect penis under my shorts was pressing on her shorts-covered ass and it rubbed against her as I massaged her lower back. This was really wonderful! I moved my hands lower but when I touched the top of her ass, her hand grabbed mine. “Not too far down, David,” she said. If I couldn’t go lower, then the only way was up. To her surprise, I rubbed my hands all the way up her sides and my fingers touched the sides of her breasts. She yelped. “What was that before?”

“I dunno, but I thought it would feel good,” I lied.

“Well, it did, but warn me beforehand next time.”

“I’m gonna do it again.” And I did, touching her breasts again. When I moved my hands down her body, I purposely lowered my fingers until they were between her body and the mattress. I moved my hands up again and this time, my hands were stopped when I touched the bottom of her breasts.

Immediately, she got up on her side. “David, why did you do that?”

“Mum, I…” But I couldn’t answer. What could I say?

“David, you…” She stopped in midspeech as her eyes rested on my crotch which was still touching her ass. She looked at my hands, which were still gripping her sides, then at me.


I leaned forward until our faces were up close. “Mum, don’t worry,” I said softly, “it’s gonna be all right.”

“What are you talking about… ohh!”

She gasped when my hand cupped her breast. She looked down. “David, take your hand off.”

“I can’t, mum,” I said as I lowered my other hand under her shorts. Her ass squirmed when my middle finger rubbed between her ass cheeks and touched her sphincter.

“David, stop this immediately!” She tried to get up but I was all over her.

I wrapped my legs around her waist, effectively pinning her down. “Mum, remember what you once told me?” I said into her ear. “That if I found the woman whom I loved, I should cherish her and never let her go?”

“Yes, but…”

“Mum, I love you.” And I kissed her ear.

It must have been the most sensual thing anyone had ever done to her because she let out a long moan. My hand which was on her breast started to squeeze and kneed it as my fingers tweaked at her nipple. It became erect in my fingers. That made me more excited and my penis became even harder, pressing at her bottom.

“David, I’m your mother…” Her voice trailed as my other hand cupped her ass cheek. “We shouldn’t…”

“I love you, mum,” I professed again. “You know I’ve never had a girlfriend, I’ve never laid eyes on any girl, but you, mum, you’re beautiful and charming and intelligent and sexy and you know me better than any girl could. I am so in love with you.”


“I want to fuck you, mum.” There, I had said it. Now, come what may, I was going to make good my word.

“David, how dare you say such things to me!”

I ignored her as I raised myself off her. My hands held her shorts and in one swift motion, I had her ass exposed. She gasped and tried to pull them back up, but I was too strong. Suddenly, there was a ripping sound as we tugged. Her shorts had split and no matter what she did, she couldn’t possibly wear it back. Seeing that it was torn, I proceeded to pull at it until it ripped fully off her. I threw the rag aside. She tried to get up, but with me sitting on her legs, she couldn’t really go far. I took off my shirt and threw it on the floor. I grabbed her sides, got off her slightly, and her turned her around. Her whole naked body was exposed to me now. I took it in slowly, tracing every curve and line. She was more beautiful and seductive without clothes. I looked at her face and noticed that her hair was covering it.

I pushed it aside tenderly and looked into her eyes. They were red and puffy. Her cheeks were moist. She was whimpering. “Mum, don’t cry,” I said soothingly. “You know I won’t hurt you.”

“Then let me go,” she said in between sobs.

“But I love you, mum. Don’t you love me?”

“Yes, but… but not like this.”

I refused to believe her. I was sure she wanted me. Incestuous thoughts clouded my head, all I could think was fucking her. I just sat on her for a moment, my hands on her breasts playing with her erect nipples. She didn’t stop me. That had to mean something.

I got off her and worked at my shorts. She took this opportunity and tried to get off the bed, but I was too fast for her. I grabbed her arm and pushed her back onto the bed. She cried loudly. Quickly, I removed my shorts, then sat back down on her. Now my penis was directly at her clit, in fact, if I inched forward slightly, the head would enter her. She must have known this because she struggled to break free from me. Now she tried to push my hands off her breasts but I just pressed down on them. I pulled one of her legs out from under me, then did the same with the other leg. I was now between her spread legs. I watched as she raised her legs till they were bent slightly at her knees.

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Either she had resigned to her fate or she needed me as much as I need her. I preferred to think the reason was the latter one. I bent forward and kissed a nipple, taking it into my mouth. She moaned when I nibbled on it. Then I went over to the other nipple and did the same thing. I moved a hand between her legs, cupping her clit. It was warm and moist. I stuck a finger inside her. She gasped immediately. She was even hotter inside. I left my finger there for a while as I sat back up and looked at her.

Finally, I removed my finger and shifted my position. I bent in front of her, my arms stretched out and hands resting at the side of her head. Our eyes locked. I moved and my penis penetrated her. She gasped but didn’t stop looking at me. I continued pushing until I felt my entire penis inside her. It was amazing. Her vagina was tight and warm. Her muscles contracted and squeezed on me.

I groaned. Slowly, I withdrew, then pushed back in. I continued this motion, increasing my pace. Soon, both of us were groaning loudly. I was humping so hard into her that I was actually pushing her further up the bed, until her head was pressed against the bed’s headboard, but I continued anyway.

I felt my load waiting to shoot out. This was my first sexual encounter and I just couldn’t hold back. I gritted my teeth and continued pumping her. I had to hold on as soon as possible. I had to make my first intercourse as long as possible. Then her vaginal muscles squeezed me really hard. She groaned loudly and her whole body shuddered. She had just climaxed! I knew enough of this from what I had read on the Internet. That thought plus her squeezing muscles filled me and I couldn’t hold back any longer. I groaned loudly.

At least I was thinking clearly enough to pull out just in time. My sperm shot out over her abdomen, coating her beautiful body with a thick white coating. It was a huge load and some of it dribbled down her sides to wet the mattress.

When my penis went limp, I fell down at her side, exhausted. I looked down and saw a trail of sperm from my penis to her abdomen. I smiled, then looked at her. She was looking up at the ceiling, totally spaced-out. I raised myself and looked at her.

“Mum?” I said softly. “Are you all right?”

She didn’t answer, she just kept staring up. I noticed her arm moving and I looked at her hand. She was spreading my sperm all over her abdomen, slowly rubbing it up to her breasts, to her neck, then down to her crotch. She rubbed her clit with her sperm-covered hand slowly and tenderly. Soon, she stopped moving, leaving her hand to rest on her clit. I stroked the side of her face tenderly with my fingers. My face was directly in front of her and we looked into each other’s eyes. “Mum?” I asked again.

“David…” she sighed. “David…”

I placed my hand on her hand which was on her clit. She didn’t attempt to move. I lowered my face and kissed her on the lips. Her mouth opened slightly and I slithered my tongue in.

We kissed passionately as my hand pressed down on hers. Then I stopped and said softly, “I love you, mum.”

Her eyes moved and she looked at me as if for the first time. “David, we shouldn’t have…”

“I couldn’t help myself, mum. I mean, you’re so…”

“Beautiful. You told me.”

“Yes, and…” But words failed me.

“And so you wanted to fuck me?”

That was the first time I’d heard her say that to me, especially in this context. “Mum…”

She sat up and I didn’t stop her. She swung her legs over the side of the bed. She just sat there, her back towards me. For a moment, I didn’t know what to do. Then I moved closer to her and wrapped an arm around her waist. She gripped my arm with her hand. “David, what we did, it’s wrong,” she said. “I’m your mother, it’s not right that you should fuck me. It’s incest and it’s wrong. You should know that. I love you too, but only as my son. This can’t go any further.” She removed my arm and stood up.

“Mum, wait,” I said.

She didn’t turn around. “What?”

“If you knew this was wrong, then… then why weren’t you wearing any underwear today?”

“David, when a woman is lonely and desires a man, then a man tells her that she’s still beautiful in spite of her age, she gets ideas and tries to entice him. That’s what happened today.”

“But mum, if you want me and I want you, then we shouldn’t stop just because we’re mother and son.”

She shook her head. “No, I… I can’t.” With that, she hurried into the adjoining bathroom. As for me, I just sat on her bed. I looked down at my penis. The sperm had already dried so it wasn’t sticky. I sighed, grabbed my clothes and went to my room.

For the rest of the weekend, mum avoided me as much as she could. She made excuses about meeting a friend or doing groceries or some last minute work in the office, but I knew the real reason was that she just didn’t want to be alone with me in case something happened. But deep inside, I knew that she wanted to make love to me again. She would give me these glances that were a cry for help and I desperately wanted to help. Maybe all she needed was time, I reasoned to myself.

Soon, soon.

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