Fucked by triplets

Fucked by triplets, I’m Nisha. I have brown eyes, shoulder length black hair, tanned skin, big boobs and I’m curvy in the right places. I wouldn’t say I’m pretty but definitely have a sexy face, especially my bedroom eyes which my boyfriend Sam loves. Sam is a part of a triplet, his brother’s names are Paul and Logan. I always get confused when I see them together because they’re so very much alike. They’re all 5’11, handsome and well built. They tower over me because I’m a mere 4’11.

One day I went to Sam’s house but Logan answered the door and said Sam had gone out to play soccar with friends but I could wait for him in his room as he should be back soon. So I went up to Sam’s room and turned on the tv not realising that he had been watching some heavy porn. The blonde gorgeous lady was being filled in all her holes by 6 dudes. I was getting turned on watching the gangbang and my panties started getting wet. The room door was closed so I started to undress and played with my boobs and rubbed my clit while concentrating on the movie. I didn’t realise that I was moaning loudly and I also didn’t notice Logan and Paul had entered the room and had their eyes fixated on me. I fingered my pussy and closed my eyes while squeezing my boobs when I heard someone say “Do you need some help”? I opened my eyes and turned around to see Logan and Paul standing there naked and rubbing their shaft in their hands, I was startled but still very much in heat and it would be nice to be fucked by these two studs so I smiled and nodded and both of them came over, I don’t know if it was Paul or Logan licking my wet pussy but it made me go wild. The other triplet came from behind kissed my neck and squeezed my boobs making me moan. Then the one squeezing my boobs got up and positioned his dick to my mouth. “Suck it bitch” he said and I obliged. Sam has never called me a bitch before and I loved hearing this. I started to suck the tip of his dick and went down all the way to his shaft as my saliva oozed down his 9 inch dick. “You suck my brother like this bitch” he said grabbing hold of my hair and thrusting his dick all the way down my throat. His brother stopped licking my throabing pussy and inserted his hard 9 inch dick into me. As he fucked my pussy, I moaned. “ Fuck, Sam gets to fuck this sexy whore whenever he wants” he said while he banged my pussy real hard. I was enjoying this rough sex, Sam was normally more gentle with me and I was thinking that he should take classes from his brothers.

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At that point the door flung open and Sam walked in to his brothers fucking the daylights out of me. But we didn’t stop. I knew that I was in so much trouble, I loved Sam but it was too late now, I was so horny and this was happening. The brother fucking my pussy turned to Sam and said “You’re right Sam, she is the hottest fuck around”. The brother fucking my mouth came in my mouth and his warm cum spilled over my face and boobs. He took his dick out of my mouth and to my surprise I noticed Sam was naked and he walked up to my face and said “Suck me you little slut”. This was the first time he had spoken to me that way and it was arousing. I took his 9 inch thick dick in my mouth and rubbed his balls with my hand. He moaned “ Fuck Nisha, you’re so damn hot”. “I knew you like fucking all 3 brothers, you little whore”. He said as I sucked his rockhard dick. “Yessss she’s one hot bitch man”, his brother said still pumping my pussy. I trembled and came all over his dick and he said “Yes babe, you’re gonna cum all day today, we’re gonna fuck you dry”. I noticed that the brother who just came was hard again and he was stroking himself watching Sam and his other brother go at me.

The brother fucking my pussy thrust his dick in me really hard and shot out a load of his cum into my dripping pussy. He took his dick off and Sam made me position myself head down on his bed as he fucked my pussy from behind. His brother who had gotten hard lay down on the bed with his dick to my lips and I sucked him while Sam fucked me hard and fast. Sam had his hands squeezing my boobs as he fucked me. “You little whore, you love our dicks don’t you, you have always wanted this, haven’t you”? He said as he fucked my pussy from behind. I was so horny, I came a second time and while Sam kept fucking my pussy. Sam came in a couple of seconds and his brother came in my mouth not long after.

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Sam and his brothers then left to clean themselves up while I was slumped on the bed, tired but I wanted more. I grabbed a towel that was there and wiped my face and boobs clean. When the brothers came back I could no longer identify which was Sam and one of them said “Tell is which of us is your boyfriend and if you don’t get it right, we will ass fuck you”. I honestly couldn’t tell them apart and I’ve never been ass fucked before so I was a bit nervous. I randomly picked one of them and they laughed. “Hey Sam looks like your little slut of a girlfriend wants me”, he said as he turned me around and spread my legs. I felt him oil my very tight asshole and I moaned as he squeezed my butt. “Yeah slut, you want that?, he said as he started to force his big dick into my asshole. It hurt and I screamed and moaned at the same time. One of the brothers then came up to me and said “Jerk me whore”. I could feel the dick entering my asshole and the pain lessened. I used my hand to jerk the brother who was standing to my left. “ Yeah get me harder bitch” he said as the third brother watched and stroked himself. The brother fucking my ass started off slow and I was starting to enjoy his dick in my ass, it was quite exciting and a sensation I never felt before. “Please tell me which one of you is Sam”? I asked and the guy I was jerking said “Does that matter bitch? now that we’ll all be fucking you”. The brother fucking my ass started to fuck me harder as he squeezed my boobs. I came within seconds and cum oozed down my thighs. He came in my ass after 3 more thrusts and the brother I was jerking sat on the bed lifted me up on his lap, inserted his doc in my asshole and fucked my cum dripping asshole. The brother who was watching came and inserted his hard dick into my mouth. “Babe you’re so hot when you’re being fucked like this”, he said as I sucked his dick. I knew then he was Sam.


He squeezed my boobs as he fucked my mouth and his brother bounced me up and down while fucking my ass. Within seconds I came again and his brother who was fucking my ass came too. Sam came in my mouth after a few minutes and we all went and showered together, and yes the fucked me while we showered too. We had some food and we fucked for a couple of more hours until I couldn’t fuck anymore. Sam walked me home and told me that he had planned this with his brothers to see if I would participate. “Do you want more sessions like this babe”? He asked me and I smiled and nodded. He kissed me and said “I love you my little slut”.

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