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Hello, this is the first time I am posting here so please bear with me. I have been an avid reader on this site for ages and I felt it was only fair that I too share a story. Fair warning, this is not going to be a wham bam thank you ma’am kind of story, so be advised. Also all names have been changed for good measure.

This is a story of the year 2005, when my cousin brother and I moved from Delhi to Pune for our 11th – 12th standard studies. We got placed in different colleges via the centralized admission form system of Pune University. The two of us rented a 1bhk apartment on the outskirts of Pune because the ones in the city were expensive. We had each bought second hand bikes and didn’t mind the daily ride into the city, or rather we enjoyed it. I started fancying a girl in my class since the very early days in college but being from convent boys only school, could never muster the courage to talk to her.

Let me tell you a little about her before we dive into the story – Her name was Rashmi. She was a gujrati. She was fair, about 5’4”, slim, and proportionately endowed. She wore spectacles. Her dressing was always the same – long kurti and leggings. Only later as our story progresses will we be able to see her in denims and t shirts. She always had an aura of confidence and style. Very minimalistic make up with usually long stylish ear rings hanging almost up-to her shoulders. All in all she was super cute.
Now back to the story. To cut a long story short we came in contact through my friend who had moved into her neighborhood about six months after we joined college. Slowly we became good friends. It was five of us – Rashmi, Neha (Rashmi’s best friend), Rahul (the guy who moved into Rashmi’s neighborhood), Imran and me. We started having lunch together and going on small trips to nearby places whenever possible. Anywhere we went, we always made it a point to return before dark because Rashmi’s and Neha’s parents were very strict and had very strict instructions about them being home before dark. I could still not gather any courage to let anyone know about my crush on Rashmi although I always looked for excuses to look at her light pinkish lips dreaming about how they tasted. That year passed without incident. The next year Rashmi and I started bonding a little more since we were the only ones in the group having cell phones. What I must point out here is that cell phones were only just beginning to enter the market on a large scale. I had one so that my parents cud contact me and she had one simply because she was from an extremely well to do family and her parents gifted it to her when she topped the 11th standard exams. We started texting each other. At first it was only forwarded jokes and stuff. Slowly we started talking to each other mainly via text messages about our lives and what we wanted from it. We got to know each other pretty well through this. The more I got to know her, the more I fell for her.
Around the mid of our second year I confessed my feelings for Rashmi to Rahul. His first reaction was – “ye sahi hai, Imran aur Neha toh couple ban hi gae hain (a different story for some other time), tu aur Rashmi bhi lag ja, uske baad mujhe bhool jaana tum log”, but later he encouraged me to go ahead and talk to Rashmi. He also cautioned me to be careful because she was from a very conservative family and me confessing to her might break us apart. I contemplated a lot about what he had said and finally decided to tell her. I texted her to meet me at CCD behind our college after classes and told her that I had something very important to tell her and asked her not to say anything to our friends about this. I must point out here that in the entire period of time that we had known each other this was the first time just the two of us were meeting. She grew suspicious but agreed.

As soon as the waiter brought us our coffees, I said to her – “I don’t know how you will take this, and I don’t know how else to put it, so ill say it right away – I like you and want to be with you”.
She was shell shocked. She didn’t say anything for what felt like eternity. I was trying to maintain eye contact with her but it was difficult because I had absolutely no idea of what to expect. When finally she spoke I felt relief that the tension was broken, although it wasn’t something I wanted to hear.
Rashmi – “we are friends Avinash, more than friends even, but I have never thought of u in that way. Aur waise bhi meri family bahot strict hai and woh is love shove ko kabhi except nahi karenge.”
Me – “yahan main problem kya hai? Is it your parents not excepting or is it that u don’t like me in a more than friends sort of way?”
Rashmi – I don’t know.
That was that. We left CCD and went our different ways. Her saying I don’t know gave a sense of hope and despair at the same time. Late that night she texted me saying let’s go to some quite place and talk tomorrow because we cannot leave things as they are. The next morning we arrived at college she parked her activa and got on my bike and I drove us out of the city to a place where I had gone a few times. It was a small clearing of sorts on top of a hill, with a huge banyan tree in the center. During the evenings this place was busy with students and vendors selling tea and snacks but at this time, in the morning it was practically empty. We sat near the tree on a bench overlooking the cliff. When we were settled she said to me – “Look, I thought a lot about what u said yesterday. What I think is let’s not ruin what we have between us. We have a special bond but let’s not go further……” I was about to speak when she stopped me saying “please let me finish what I have to say” I became quite and listened.
Rashmi – “As I was saying we have become very close. But I have never thought of u as anything more than a good friend – before now. Now that you’ve made me think about it, I must admit, it makes sense. We know each other better than anyone else. And we like each other. But I have been brought up with a golden rule and that is – boys and girls in our community do not get into love marriages. Our marriages are arranged by our parents and that is final. So let’s not complicate our lives.” All this while she was sitting facing the cliff and I was looking at her. Suddenly she turned towards me and said “can we manage that?”
All I cud do was nod in the affirmative. There was nothing I cud say. Nothing I cud do to change her mind. She was adamant and knew exactly how she wanted to approach this situation and I grudgingly had to respect that.
Although I didn’t think it possible, things actually went back to normal after that, better than normal in-fact. We started texting even more. Now I had started actually flirting with her and she always took it jokingly. I used to ask her for good night kisses and her response was always – “u wish” followed by a smiley face sticking it’s tongue out. Even when we went anywhere with our friends she sat with me on my bike which was not the case before me confessing my feelings to her. In fact we started going on trips – just the two of us.
A few months later, we had gone for one such trip and were returning when it started raining. She was wearing denims and a white top that day. We were drenched and her white top had become a little see through. I cud see that she was very embarrassed.
Me: Dekh, mera flat paas main hai. Wahan chalte hain, we can dry ourselves there and ill drop u once the rain stops, or ill get u a taxi. Aesi halat main u cannot go anywhere.

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She agreed for the only reason that she had no better option. This was the first time she had agreed to come to my flat. Once in my flat I got her a towel and asked if I cud get her some of my clothes so that she cud get out of her wet clothes. She refused. I changed into shorts and t shirt and when I came back from the bathroom I saw her sitting on a chair and drying her hair with the towel. She looked amazing. Her cheeks had gone rose pink due to the cold wind and rain, water droplets were running down her neck and I cud c the outline of her black bra covering her perfect breasts. She looked at me and smiled a little. I knew I had to say something to break the awkward silence between us.
Me: Sharam nai aati, baarish main bheeg ke ek ladke ke flat main akele aate hue? I said it with a mischievous smile.
Rashmi: Na, bilkul nai, because I trust u with my life.
Me: Acha? Itna bharosa hai mujh pe?
Rashmi: Yup.
Me: Aur agar maine kuch aisa kar diya jo tujhe pasand na aae toh?
Rashmi: tum aisa kuch karoge hi nai. I know u.
Me: Is that a dare? Saying that I went close to her.
Rashmi: If u think so…
I made her stand and went very close to her lips and said “r u sure?” I cud feel her warm breath on my lips. She did not retreat or make any make any attempts to push me away. I myself had to back off because I thought she was just playing with me. I said to her “Jaa, aaj tujhe baksh diya, lekin mujhpe itna trust kyu?” She paused a little, looked right into my my eyes and said – “because I love u”
I froze. I just stood there not knowing what to do or what to think. She came close to me and kissed me lightly on my cheeks. That was when I broke from my trance. She did not back away after kissing me. I put my left arm around her waist, and my right hand on her cheeks drew her close and our lips met for the first time. It was magical. Her lips were softer than I had imagined and tasted better than anything I had ever tasted. We kissed lightly for ages. Then I lifted her and took her to the bedroom and lay her on my bed (we had two single beds in the room – one each for my cousin and me). I lay on top of her careful not to put my entire weight on her, and again we kissed only this time much more passionately and hungrily. I had been waiting for this for almost two years and now that I finally had her lips locked with mine, I wasn’t gonna let go. And to my surprise she showed the same amount of intensity as me. Our lips parted only to catch our breath and then we were at it again. Slowly I started exploring her body with my hands. I brushed her hair with my hands and then went on to caress her neck and arms. She shuddered a little with my touch. I was fully erect by then and was sure that she could feel my erection through my shorts. I then started kissing her wet neck while my finger circled her lips. She took my finger in her mouth and sucked and my mind began imagining the possibilities. My other hand was on her stomach by now and I was touching her bare stomach because her wet top had ridden up her torso when I lay her on the bed. Her skin was smooth and tender. I actually was afraid I would hurt her if I was too aggressive. I planted soft kisses on her neck and moved to her side with her facing the ceiling and I her. Slowly I unbuttoned her top. She looked as if she was going to stop me but to my utter relief she didn’t. Once all the buttons were undone, I pushed her top to the sides and went on top of her again, this time in a sitting position and started at her beautiful globes. Her breasts were heaving due to her heavy breathing and the black fabric of her bra was a perfect contrast to her milky smooth and fair skin.
She looked at me and covered her breasts with her arms. I removed her hands and said to her – “ab tu meri hai” revealing just a hint of my dominant side. She looked at me with what I felt was shyness as well as fear. And I loved it. I touched her skin on the outline of her bra and she shuddered even more. I then made her sit up and removed her top and pulled down her bra straps. Then I unhooked her and she lay down once again ant looking at me but breathing heavily. I was admiring her beautiful body when she raised her arms and removed her bra reveling perfectly round firm breasts with pinkish tits pointing outward. Her boobs were not too big, but they weren’t small too. Just the perfect size. I removed my t shirt and went to work on them. I held her left breasts with my right hand and started kissing the other. I was careful not to kiss her tits because I wanted to tease her. I kissed and sucked at her boobs alternating between the two all the while playing with her tits with my fingers and slightly pinching them. Her breathing got heavier and I cud feel her getting more and more excited. I then went down to her flat belly and kissed her belly button. Her hands were pulling on my hair trying to get my lips on her tits. I then held one of her boobs in one hand, went further down and kissed below her belly button while trying to unbutton her jeans with my other hand. She did it for me and I unzipped her. Then I went back up to her lips and kissed her. She took my tongue in her mouth and sucked it. Our tongues then started a dance of their own as I tried to get her out of her jeans. She was wearing tight fitted denims and due to the rains it was clinging tightly to hr ass.
I cud feel her wanting to get over me and I obliged. We flipped and she was now over me running her hands in my hair and touching my chest. I slowly guided her hands to my dick over my shorts. She held her hand on my dick for a while and then started rubbing it and squeezing a little. Our lips and tongue were inseparable. Then she got up and pulled me to stand beside the bed. She knelled down and slowly pulled my shorts and boxers down to my ankles. She was so close that my dick smacked her chin once it was free from its restraints. She smiled at me. She looked heavenly, like an angel kneeling topless in front of me and my dick blocking her lips from my sight. I wanted those soft pink lips around my dick that instant but she was in no mood to let me have my way. This was revenge for me teasing her tits. She planted soft kisses on my dick, then held it up and started kissing and sucking on my balls and inner thigh. I held her head and tried to actually shove my dick in her mouth but she resisted. She kept at it for a while until she knew I couldn’t take it any longer. Then she slowly kissed the tip and licked the pre-cum of it. I felt a burning but soothing sensation run down my spine. Then she took the tip in her mouth and licked it. I finally had my moment. I pushed myself inside her mouth. My dick is around 6.5 inches and I cud only get a little more than half of it inside her. She was a little astonished at the sudden invasion but didn’t try to take me out. Then I began pushing my dick in and out of her mouth going deeper with every push. She was desperately trying to accommodate more and more of me in her mouth. That’s when I noticed that she was a little flustered and her eyes were swelling as if tears were about to roll down them. I stopped and pulled out completely and asked “u ok?” I was afraid that I might have taken this too far too fast but she just nodded and smiled saying – “don’t worry, it’s just gag reflex, I’ll be fine”. And with that she took me back in her mouth and played with my dick using her tongue. Now she was doing the work, pumping my dick with her mouth, giving me my first blow job. Her hands were on my ass squeezing them and her nails dug into my skin every time she took me in. I felt my orgasm close and didn’t know if she would like taking my cum in her mouth, although I very much wanted it. So un-willingly I caught her hair and pulled myself out of her and started masturbating. She got the cue. She made me lay on the bed and started masturbating me all the while kissing my torso but trying to maintain eye contact as much as possible. I shot loads and loads of cum, some of which got on her body as well. She kept moving her hands up and down my shaft until I had finished. Then she cleaned all of the cum with the towel I had given her to dry herself.


I felt myself go limp. She just lay there beside me with her hands on my chest. Then I got up from the bed, pulled her to the edge and pulled at her jeans. She lifted her waist so I cud pull it from below her ass and as I pulled I saw her milky thighs and her black underwear. Once her jeans was completely off I knelt at the edge of the bed and started kissing her legs and slowly worked my way upward. She tried in vain to keep her legs closed but more than me it was her own excitement that opened them up. I slid in between them and kissed and licked and sucked her inner thighs. This made her crazy. She was writhing around on the bed with my every touch. I squeezed her boobs with one hand while with my other I explored her more and more. Then I turned her over to turn my attention to her ass. Perfectly round and firm as I mentioned before and tender skin. I kissed her over her underwear and then slid the side of it so as to expose one of ass cheeks. I couldn’t help myself and I smacked her ass cheek. She let out a slight moan and although I hadn’t spanked her hard, her cheek turned red in no time. I cud see the outline of my fingers printed on her ass. This drove me nuts and if I wasn’t fully erect by then, I was now. I slid the other side of her panties too so that it looked like she was wearing a thong. And I went to work – kissing, spanking her lightly just to hear her moan, sucking and biting and licking her ass cheeks. I kept the spanking light as I did not know how much of it she would like. By the time I lifted my face from her ass, it was crimson red with my finger outlines and biting marks all over. I loved to c them like that and promised myself that someday I’ll have to take a picture of it and show it to her. But for now, I satisfied myself with just a mental picture. Then I slowly pulled her panties down. The room filled with a sweet and salty smell probably from her wet pussy. As I pulled it down I realized that she was completely shaven down there. This was a complete surprise as I had never imagined her shaving herself considering she was from such a conservative background. This delighted me. I was still not ready to let go of the view of her ass so I helped her get on all fours and again began eating her ass cheeks while my hands found their way to her boobs. She then fell flat on her tummy and turned on her back. I now got a full view of her amazing pussy – pink and wet and swollen. I took a deep breath taking in all of her fragrance. Then I kissed around her pussy and cud taste her juices. I then put my index finger in between her vagina lips. It was like all the heat in her body was accumulated down there. Slowly I rubbed the top without putting my finger in her. She was letting out soft moans and I was enjoying it. Then I found her clit and started rubbing it with my thumb. Now her moans grew louder and more intense. In just a short period of time I felt her body stiffen and knew she was about to cum. I stopped what I was doing for just a moment and she let out a cry of disbelief, pleading me to continue. Then I pushed my finger in her just a little. She was tight even for my finger even when she was practically dripping wet. I shuddered at the thought of what was to come.
Then I pushed deeper until my entire index finger was inside her. I cud tell that it was painful for her but she was lost in another world. Once in, I restarted rubbing her clit with my thumb. That was enough for her. Her body tensed up again and letting out a loud moan she had her orgasm (I came to know later that this was her first orgasm ever). I stayed like that and let her enjoy it for a while. Once her body relaxed I pulled out my finger and lay on top of her. She looked completely spent. She was sweating and her face had gone bright red. She was completely flustered. She looked me and smiled and I kissed her. Once she recovered from her trance, she came on top of me and sat on my belly. Then she planted kisses all over my face and neck and chest. I cud see her breasts juggling as she moved all over to kiss me. I again made a mental note of fucking her breasts some day. Then I lifted her and positioned her above my dick. She held my cock and put it at the entrance of her love hole. I then slowly let her down on me. The tip went in and I cud feel her vagina walls trying to accommodate. She was tight and held herself with just my tip in. She sunk further down but I cud c she was in pain with not even half of me inside her. I lifted her and she looked a little relieved. There was just a hint of blood on my penis tip. I made her lie down on the bed and positioned myself in between her legs. Again she took my cock and positioned it at her entrance. I looked at her and she gave a slight nod saying softly – “dheere”.

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I lay on top of her and pushed my tip into her. She held me tight. Slowly I inserted a little more of me inside her and her finger nails dug into my back. I dug in deeper not willing to back out now. She let out a groan. Then I pulled myself out a little and again went in, this time a little deeper. I could see that she was relaxing a little and so I pulled back and this time I thrust all of me into her. She screamed out loud in pain and I was sure that my neighbors had heard. I gave her time to recover from the sudden intrusion inside of her. I just lay on top of her giving her all the time she needed. The walls of her pussy were pulsating. Once I felt her relax her finger nails from my back I pulled back and went back in. I saw a single tear rolling down her eyes probably from the pain but she was trying to smile encouraging me to keep going. Now I developed a rhythm of pumping her and after a while she responded. I knew that she still was in pain but the orgasm building inside of her was washing the pain away. I felt her twitch and stiffen again and knew she was going to cum once again. This time I let her. We were kissing and sucking each other’s faces and lips and tongue when she came with a sweet moan which I stifled in her mouth with mine.
Then I pulled myself out of her and asked her to get on all fours. She obliged. I got on my knees behind her and spanked her lightly, a few times. She loved it. She let out moans that drove me nuts and with one swift push I was completely inside her. She screamed once again but this time it was more out of surprise than pain. Then I put my hands on her ass and separated her ass cheeks revealing her hole. She was quick to cover it with her hand and I thought to my self – some-day maybe. I leant on her back and started playing with her boobs and started pumping in and out of her once again. Her moans were the sweetest voice I had ever heard in my life. Before long I felt my orgasm building to a point of no return. I didn’t stop, I couldn’t stop even when I knew I should probably not come inside her. I came and filled her love hole. I had never cum so much in my life. With every push I cud feel cum dripping out. I continued pumping until I had nothing more left in me and we stayed like that for a while and then I let go of her and we fell on the bed completely exhausted but thoroughly satisfied.

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We must have stayed like that for about 15-20 mins after which she got up and went to the washroom to clean herself. She took her wet clothes with her and came out all dressed up. I made us coffee and we sat quietly sipping our coffee only occasionally smiling at each other. After a while she said “I better get home. Its bout to get dark”. She wore my jacket above her still wet top and i dropped her at our college where she had parked her scooter. Later that night she texted me two lines that I’ll never forget –
U came in the wrong hole – meaning that from now on she didn’t mind me coming in her mouth but not to come inside her pussy.
The second line was – From next time, don’t hold yourself back – this I knew she was talking about the spanking.
We chatted the whole night and went to sleep only an hour before dawn. She had only just come out of her shell and she learned that there was a whole different world to explore. We had many more amazing experiences and once, by dumb luck, with Neha. Thank you for sticking with me for this long. If u liked my story then leave comments below and ill post some more such experiences.

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