Loss of virginity with my neighbour

Losing virginity is an important incident in one’s life. First things are always special and memorable. I had learnt about sex at the age of 10 and was always eager to try my first luck. By 12 I had started masturbating also. I was a bit shy so feared how to find any lady for opening my account.

I researched on internet how to figure out which ladies are easy to approach and how to get lucky with them. There’s a lady in my neighborhood who was then recently married. She’s 10 years older than me and is hot as hell. She was overly friendly with me.

I took some time and figured it out that she would be the right fit for me. My mother would frequently send me to their house for sharing stuffs during festivals and all. So I got chance to meet her and get friendly with her. She then had a figure of 34-28-32, a lady anyone would love to bang. I had not explicitly expressed interest in her but hints were enough. Even I knew there were green signals from her side. Days, weeks, months passed and I was looking for the opportunity to strike.

Then came the D-day. Her husband had gone with her in laws to their native place for a few days. On one of the days my mother went to market. She insisted me to go along as well but I made an excuse of stomach ache. As soon as my mother left, I rushed to this lady’s house. She was wearing an orange saree. I was gazing at her lovely oranges. She asked me the reason why I had come to her house. I started blushing. Also, I had intense feeling of excitement, so I had erection. She noticed it and gave a wink.

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She asked me that if I had a girlfriend or I had done any such thing before. I confessed that I was a virgin. She was elated as it was also her fantasy to make out with a kid. She held my boner from outside and I went crazy. I couldn’t control myself and all of a sudden reached out to her lips and started kissing them wildly. She responded even more intensely and we reached her bedroom. She threw me on bed and got over me. She removed her saree in haste and then I could see her figure more clearly. I grabbed her boobs outside her blouse and started playing with them. In the meanwhile, I came as I was overexcited.


Slowly I undressed her blouse and petticoat. I was seeing a woman in undies for the first time. I attacked her and started kissing her everywhere. After sometime she undressed me completely and took my tool in her mouth. I can’t describe what a feeling that was. I felt as if I was in heaven. I didn’t know too much about foreplay then and was too eager to penetrate. I quickly asked her to undress her panty. She had little bushes. She knew that though I was a child, I could impregnate her. She got a condom and put it on my dick.

Without sparing a second, I just entered her. Oh my god, that moment. The intense heat of her cavity. It was as hot as a lava. I started stroking her in missionary position. Since it was my first time and I was too much excited I was not much experimental. I did only in one position and was playing with her boobs in the process. I lasted about 5 minutes and was done. It was a satisfying moment for me. I was no more a virgin. It may not have been a great experience for her but for me it was a satisfactory experience.

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I have gone a long way since then. I’m no more in a hurry to get in. I take at least 15 minutes into foreplay and make the lady wild before I shoot in. And of course now I last very long and can satisfy any lady. Experience has taught me many things.

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