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This is a real story which happened a couple of weeks back. Please ignore if there is any mistakes.
This story describes my sexual encounters with my cousin’s mother. When I was living as paying guest with them.
I had a great job, but it required me to get up before anyone else. But one day I was tired and I slept in. Everyone was off to school and work except her mother. She was beautiful for a 45 year old. She was perfect size.

She had beautiful dark straight hair and beautiful brown eyes. She also had a killer ass and I got a semi just looking at it. I sensed that she knew I was a pervert, but I didn’t care. She saw that look in my eyes sometimes when I looked at her daughter, so I think she knew something was up.
I was walking to my room where I had my clothes, which was on the other side of the bathroom. As I was walking down the steps, I heard the water running and as I looked through the door, I saw light! The trim was not on all the way which gained access to see inside. What I saw was the most amazing sight I had seen in years.
There was she, facing the door starting to strip as the shower warmed up. By the time I saw her, she was in her bra and panties. She undid the bra slowly and her perfect breasts became visible. I had to reach in and start to stroke myself. Then her panties slid down slowly and she had the most beautiful pussy. I had never seen an older woman’s pussy and to say it was much more beautiful than my own girlfriend who was 22. I was only able to see her bush and her clit. But it was amazing.

She opened the curtain and jumped in the shower. I ran into the other room and started to beat off. Thinking of what I just had seen and was so hot I was tempted to go in there and offer to wash her. She had been divorced for a year and I know she hasn’t gotten laid since then. Just as I was sticking a finger in my ass to stimulate me more, I heard a moan! I frantically placed my ear to the wall and I heard soft moaned for about 10 minutes. Here was this beauty rubbing her pussy, thinking she was home all alone!
Then I heard her cum, and she screamed out a name. She screamed out “sale salee, yeah fuck my ass baby.” I heard the shower turn off and I quietly ran back to the lounge where I had been sleeping.
I know there was no way she thought I was home because I was awake for a while and she didn’t come in there. Her bedroom was by the bathroom, so there was no need to go into the lounge.
So I had an idea. I was so horny since I didn’t cum earlier. So before she came out of the bathroom, I lay back on the couch and pulled my shorts down a little bit to start to play with my aching cock. I had a motive. If she caught me, she would be embarrassed and maybe walk away. But then at least she saw my cock and wanted her to see it. So I figured when she caught me, I can now take a shower and beat off. So I lay there stroking it with my eyes closed when I heard footsteps towards the lounge. My breathing got harder as I never been so dirty and turned on before in my life!

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As I was rubbing the precum on my cockhead, I heard her voice. “Sorry, I didn’t know you were home.” I opened my eyes and she was only wearing a towel. It covered everything, but it was still sexy.
She was still there staring at me. So I just froze looking into her eyes with my cock still in my hand. We both didn’t know what to do. It was a moment of truth as I knew no matter what; she couldn’t tell anyone what she had seen. So in a daring attempt, I stroked it again as she watched. I somehow felt ashamed and was taking this poor horny lonely woman advantage of.

She looked long and hard, and then ran out in disgust! I was shocked. I was such an asshole to think I can fuck my cousin’s mother as well as touch her sister in her sleep. Who was I was the question.


So I pulled up and went into the kitchen where she was making coffee. I said I was sorry and I was excited being caught, as it was my fantasy. She said it was ok, but she felt disrespected and embarrassed. She then said she was tempted, but knew it was wrong. She started to explain how she craved attention and affection and wasn’t able to get any because she was always so busy and had an 11 year old son to take care of and didn’t feel right bringing men back to the house. I said I understand and with me masturbating must have made it worse. It was a real nice heart felt conversation about her sex and love desires.

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So I proposed something. I said since we are home alone, why don’t we spend the day together. I promised I wouldn’t hit on her at all, but said I would make her feel sexy. I asked her to trust me on this as I said to lay on her bed on her stomach with the towel over her backside and I’ll give her a massage.

I walked into the room wearing only a towel so she felt the same as me… almost exposed. I sat next to her and started to massage her head and hair and she let out a moan. I worked her back and sides, brushing her breasts on purpose, and I got no rejections. Here I was massaging my cousin’s nude mother. And this is definitely a true story! After her back, I started on her legs. I worked my way up slowly and then I got to her thighs. I started to rub my hands back and forth on one of then and then shockingly, she parted her legs. I said “are you sure you want to do that?” She said yes, as a massage is only touching and it wasn’t sexual. Uh huh! So I refrained from touching her pussy, but felt the heat she was giving off and I started to get hard myself.

Daringly, I removed the towel and saw such a hot ass. It was so tight I saw her brown eye staring at me. I took the massage oil and poured it directly on her anus, and she let out a sigh of pleasure. I worked my hands around her ass and then massaged her hole. Since it was only a massage, I decided to go further, I rubbed harder and then stuck a finger inside and she immediately raised her hips to accept it.

Ok. Massage over, now time to have fun. She whipped around and ripped my towel off in a second. She seemed possessed. She started saying the nastiest things I never expected her to say. Let me see that hard cock again, when u were massaging me, all I could think about was that hard thick cock in my ass and pussy. With that, she spread her ass apart and I dove in with my mouth and sucked her ass. I tongue fucked her hard as she bucked around and withered around. I then went to her pussy and she came on contact. I ate her so hard she came a few times. I was torn, I needed attention on my cock, but I loved eating out my cousin’s mom.

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She then asked if I would just stick the head of my cock in her ass and jerk off until I came. I said ok and my cock went in, it was so tight, but I loved it. She reached under and rubbed her clit and my balls at the same time. I was jerking it and then I said I was going to cum in her hot fucking ass. I then knew she loved dirty talk because she came all over my balls. So I kept it up and she said to call her mommy. Whoooooo I said. Now that was a little too freaky, but I did it. She asked me to say to her “I love fucking your ass mommy, may I please cum now?” With that she said yes, please cum in my ass. I did so and it was so fucking good.

A second after that. She took her own finger in her ass and plugged it. I was confused. Not being so horny anymore, she was trying to blackmail me I think. She said the only way she wouldn’t say a word to anyone was if I lay on my back. “NOW!” She said. So I did. She then squatted over my mouth and removed her finger and my cum dribbled into my mouth. I have never tasted my cum before, so I was a little freaked. Plus I know it was mixed with her shit. But at the same time I got so fucking turned on having my cum drip into my mouth out of her so hot ass I got another hard on. She laughed and said it was enough for one day, and this will never happen again.

So I cleaned up and walked away scared. I was ashamed and I felt humiliated. I knew I went too far this time. But the next week I topped that one.

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