Mom’s fucks my friends

Hi everyone am Prabha .I would like to share story of my mother .Abt my family my family is small consists me mom n father.Father is a engineer in Dubai so comes once in a and mom use to stay in our village, after my inter I got seat in btech college so we shifted to city .my home is in city border so many ppl will not roam in our area my home is dubplex.

Has I joined in btech I got many friends as my home is big and only me n mom use to stay many friends use to visit my home but three of my friends use to come frequently (Hari, Anand and Ravi).Even my mom know that we are close friends we completed our first year i got more marks then all my three friends I was shocked and after vacation clg started again .we four use to sit in same bench.but in second year daily one of three use to bunk the cls they use to say diff reasons .one day Ravi was absent we and iam getting headache in cls I left the clg in afternoon without saying them .I caught a bus and went home I saw door was closed surprised and went from back door I went in its a big home my mom will sleep in her bedroom which is upstairs . I went to kitchen drank some water and started walking towards my mom room l can hear some noise from bed room I went to see, door was not closed I was shocked to see Ravi humping my mom and my mom is shouting fuck …. Fuck your friends mom comon son… Fuck .

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I thought of enter room and puch Ravi and mom but I don’t know what stopped me I went to window and started jerking my cock .Ravi burried his face in my mom’s big bellon butts I cummed twice they fucked in every position he fucked my mom’s ass.I went out and came in the behaved normally .I went to clg next day now Hari was absent today till afternoon I didn’t got any doubt but I don’t y but I want see is Hari fucking my mom .I went home and again shocked to see Hari fucking my mom in cowgirl position I cummed twice Hari started bitting mom’s butts and he licked every curve of her mom shouting like fuccccckk me harder son fuckkk meee.

Nxt day Anand was absent same continued even Anand fucking my mom .I am very angry on my mom becoz she is fucking all of three without knowing each other.i can’t do anything to my friends Bcoz they r local and they will take advantage of me.They use to fuck mom very hard daily .I want to know if all got chance who will fuck my I planned I called all of them to my home to study .I Said them to stay but mom got tensed she doesn’t want to know that all of them fuck her but I maid them to stay After dinner we went to sleep in my bed room and my mom in her which is beside after 1 hr Ravi stood and went to my mom’s room one by one three of them went in they were shocked by knowing the truth but all three teamed up and started fucking my mom I went to window first I saw Ravi licking my mom pussy and Hari hitting mom’s butts they all banged her till morning and they every time they stay for night . End

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