Sleeping with my mother in law before I met her daughter

I cannot believe who she was. Even after those years, I never expected to see that “mom” when I introduced myself to my soon to be fiance’s mother.


It was a Wednesday night and I was 18 years old. I worked at a local Italian / pizza place that delivered. I had been on the job for 17 months and it was a good place to work.

I was in my senior year of high school and life was good. I got decent grades, was a decent athletes and had a girlfriend or two; nothing steady but had the opportunities to go out for coffee, or go to a movie with and then some heavy petting in the car before I took her home.

Was I a virgin, no, I had lost it back during my freshman year, but the girls I went out with now were only willing to go as far as hand jobs or if Michelle was available, a blowjob.


Of course I was willing to go further, but I was a nice guy and never complained out loud. If any girl wanted to get me off with their hands or mouth I was more than happy to let them.

Friends at school would often ask me if customers propositioned me and the only story I could tell them to that point was of the one night a guy answered the door in his bathrobe and his women was moaning at him to hurry the fuck up and get back to fucking her or she’d have to fuck the pizza boy. I grinned at him, he gave me $20 for a $9 pizza said keep the change and shut the door.

No women came to the door dressed in lingerie or offered to give me a blowjob as a tip. I worked in a suburb of Vancouver and most people of the area believed in respectability over sexuality (at least in the houses I delivered to).

Around 10:30 that Wednesday night it was really slowing down. The dinner rush was over and not many calls were coming in for deliveries. My boss said I could cash out so as I was counting the money for the day the phone rang.

Yes it happens, but that’s the life of a delivery driver. As the cook whipped up the lasagne, salad, and garlic bread, I had enough in tips to cover the cost so I paid for the food myself. I would not be out of pocket as the person would simply pay me and that would be my tip money for the night. I could also head home afterwards instead of coming back to work to cash out again.

The delivery was to room 237 of the local hotel that had a bar and bowling alley attached to it. It actually was a nice place and many young adults utilized the location to hang out with friends. The ones of age went to the bar and the ones underage went bowling.

Sure, us under the legal drinking age tried to get served, but the bartenders and servers were really good at checking ID.

I parked the car and found the room. The hotel and their amenities were not busy, but since it was late I was still quiet when I went up to the room.

I knocked gently on room 237 and waited. After 15 seconds I knocked a little louder and I heard footsteps approaching. I heard the chain being unlatched and the deadbolt open.

The lady was on the phone, she held up a finger to give her a second while she ended her phone call. I nodded and waited as she told the person on the phone (there were no cell phones)”that the house hunting had gone okay and she has to see another 2 houses on Thursday and 3 more on Friday”.

She ended the phone call and apologized for having me wait. I took notice of the lady. Was she drop dead gorgeous – no. Did she have huge tits and or a big ass or small ass (whatever you are into) – no.

She was a typical average looking women. I put her about 45 years old. Would I fuck her? Of course I would, but at that age who wouldn’t I fuck?

We conducted our sale said goodbye and I went home.


The next night at around 10:30 I received a delivery to room 237 of same hotel. Just like last night I was able to cover the cost of the food with my tips so I could go home after the delivery.

When I approached the hotel room I knocked and waited. The same lady was on the phone and ushered me into the room so I could put her order on the desk.

On the desk were tons of info on the local area and lots of packages of houses for sale.

I heard her raise her voice on the phone about when he’d be there. Saturday night was a day later than expected and she’d have to look at the for sale houses alone on Saturday as well.

She ended the phone call with a bit of anger and disappointment in her voice.

She cheered up when she dealt with me and she paid me and I went home.


I had been looking forward to today for a while. I had a date with Michelle and my cock knew what that meant. It was going to be sucked and it needed to be, well I needed to cum and if the date went as usual, it would end up with us in the back seat of the car, my fingers banging her to orgasm while she slurped on my cock and swallowed my cum.

After school I got a phone call from my boss asking me to work and he’d let me go at 8:00. I phoned Michelle and I asked her if she minded if I could pick her up at 8:15 instead of 7:30. She agreed and told me that it was too late to make the movie and to meet her at the bowling alley. I phoned my boss back and told him I’d see him in 15 minutes to take the shift.

I got changed, grabbed my keys, wallet, & condom (mom always taught me to be prepared) and headed to work.

My cock was in a constant state of arousal; it did not feel like it went completely flaccid all night. There were times I had to carry the pizzas to my many deliveries in front of my crotch as to not upset any customers who might have thought I was peeving on them.

I had tonight all figured out. Get off work, head to the bowling alley, play a game or two, then take Michelle home in my car where we’d park in the school parking lot for some late night, back seat, wrestling.

Work went by quickly; there were the the usual orders from customers, no prank orders, and to top off the night, I received a decent amount of tips.

At 8:00 as promised my boss allowed me to cash out and off to the bowling alley I went to meet Michelle. When I got there at 8:10, I got my shoes, a lane, and ordered some drinks and nachos for the two of us. As I put on my shoes I thought to myself how great my timing was as it seemed the place was packed. It looked like I got the last lane.

I kept glancing at my watch and the door to wave at Michelle when she walked in. At 8:30 my name was paged to pick up the food and drinks and I had a phone call.

When I picked up the phone it was Michelle. She was unable to make our date. I silently swore, told her I understood and hung up.

The guy working had given me my order after I hung up the phone, so there I was at the bowling alley, I had a lane, food, and drinks for two and just myself to eat and play with.

I had a decision to make, stay, bowl, eat and drink for the already paid for items, or go home and get bored. I decided to stay. So yes, it looked strange that I was there by myself, but I made the best out of the situation.

That night I actually bowled two very good games, must have been the sexual tension running through my crotch.

After the two games were bowled, I cleaned up the area, paid for the lane and then used the washroom before heading out.

In the washroom I overheard a conversation from two older guys I knew from high school. They had graduated a couple of years ago and they were known as the sleaze bags of the school. These were the guys that would say anything to get into a girls pants and then brag about it the next day.

They were also accused of date raping a grade 11 girl, but no one could prove it and the girl left the area.

These guys were getting ready to score that night. They had been with a lady for the past couple of hours and it sounded like she had finally lost her inhibitions and they had managed to talk themselves up to her room. They all were just using the washroom before they headed up.

As much as I thought those guys were dicks and had no want to do what they had to do to get laid, I was horny and therefore jealous and wanted to see their score for the night.

The guys went out first and waited for their score. I was washing my hands when I heard them greet her. I walked out of the washroom and was surprised to see the mom from room 237.

She was wearing clothes that said “I’m going out for the night”. Were they slutty clothes, no, but they said she was up for some fun.

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She recognize me immediately and her eyes gave me a signal. She called and waved me over. She gave me a huge hug and introduced me as her nephew to the guys. She made up some story that it’s been a while since she saw me and would the two guys mind if she spent some time with me?

I was totally helping her with her story and we were playing off each other. You could see the two guys bulges deflate. They were totally defeated and their faces showed it.

The mom put her arm around my shoulders and I put my arm around her waist. It looked like we were really close.

The guys went back to the bar and I walked the mom back to room 237. We kept our arms around each other for appearances, but she had a hard time walking straight. She kept thanking me for helping out with the two guys. Once back at the room door, I expected her to say goodnight and then I’d leave; she instead invited me in.

She was elegant and liked to party, but you could tell she had too much to drink. That did not stop her from opening up the minibar and pouring herself another drink and turning on the radio.

I was sitting on the chair and she was on the bed. I’d be lying if I said I was being honorable and wasn’t trying to look up her dress. When we heard a noise in the hall, she turned to look and that parted her legs enough for me to see her red lace panties.

She asked me questions about the area. What schools were good, where were the great neighborhoods, etc. I did my best to answer her questions and gave other relevant info like restaurant choices.

When a good song came on the radio she declared that she wanted to dance. She hopped to her feet, started to sway her hips and put her hands above her head. She danced in front of me and held out her hands to pull me up. I’m not much of a dancer, but when offered, I oblige.

We danced in a small area of the room and she seemed to be enjoying herself. When a slow song came on, she excused herself to the washroom. I half thought about sneaking out, but my dick told me I was not going anywhere until we knew how far this night was going.

When she returned from the washroom I was looking out the window and she came and stood beside me, leaning in to me and putting her left arm around my waist. She was commenting on the view and how this town seemed to be a good fit for her and her family.

Her hand starts to caress my lower back area. I put my right arm around her back and start to caress her upper back. When my hands touched her neck, she shuttered. When I used my fingertips to lightly move up to her ears, it was as if that was her magic spot.

Her left hand moved from my lower back to my waist and it keep going lower until it was lightly touching my ass. My cock had blood flowing to it all night. Not enough to make me embarrassed in public, but just enough to let me know it needed some action.

When her hand touched my bum, the floodgates opened and I became fully erect.

I was following her neck line moving from ear to ear and her touching became more hard on my backside. When my hand was on her right shoulder I gently used my arm and guided her in front of me and I moved in for a kiss.

Her mouth opened and hesitantly accepted my kiss, almost as if she was struggling with what she was about to do. We stood there in front of the window and kissed for a bit. My hands were stroking her back and neck.

When I stopped to kiss her neck and then followed that by gently pecking up to her ear, she moaned and she fell into me. There was no doubt that she could feel my hardness pressing into her stomach.

Her arms wrapped around me, her hands clawing at my back. It was the mom that first moved her hands under my shirt. At first she just used her hands to touch my skin and give me goosebumps, but as we continued kissing, she used her fingertips to rake my back; almost as if to say I was making her feel good.

My hands were roaming her back and bum, I could no longer feel the underwear I saw when she uncrossed her legs to check out the noise in the hall. Our groins were grinding into each others, dry humping. My hands went to her bum and when I started to gather her dress material in my hands her kisses started to get more intense.

When I had the bottom of her dress, I lifted her up and she clamped both of her legs around my waist. I could feel her naked bum in my hands. My hands were close enough to her crack that my pinkies did not have any material between them and her anus or vagina.

She used that cue to start to lift my shirt over my head. As my hands were holding her up, she could not get my shirt off, so I lifted us to the bed and sat down on the edge.

She was straddling me, her dress hiked around her waist as she pulled off my shirt. She pushed my chest so I leaned back and rested on my forearms. She leaned down to lick and suck one and then the other nipple.

While her mouth and tongue were busy on my nipples, her hands were busy on my buttons. Button flies were all the rage, but in the heat of the moment, they are not as smooth as a zipper. It took her a bit of time to get my fly undone, but that meant my nipples were well taken care of.

When she undid the last button, she went to the floor on her knees. She pulled my pants and jockeys off as she went. I was naked before her. I sat up more and she sat on her knees just staring at my hard full cock.

I had no idea what she was thinking. Was she struggling with the situation – fucking some young man, was she gauging my size, did she like to just stare at erect penises, was she thinking of a way out of the predicament?

With whatever was going through her mind, her hand reached out and lightly grabbed my swollen member. At first she just stroked the length of me, using different types of pressure. Then she changed the speed of her hand, at first fast ten strokes, then slow for ten. Then she mixed up the pressure and the speed.

I was on edge all day about my date with Michelle, and then with the mom doing this I was so close to cumming. The head was not just dripping precum, it was flowing. She used the sticky fluid to coat my entire head and shaft. When she lifted off her hand, you could see the strands of precum that went with it.

She looked up at me, then back at her hand and licked off her fingers. Making sure I was watching her, she opened her mouth, lowered her head, and proceeded to put my cock in her mouth.

I had Michelle suck my cock a couple of times before, but when the mom did it, the only thing to say was “amazing”. To this day, I have never felt a mouth so incredible.

She loved having a cock in her mouth. She worshiped my entire penis with her lips, tongue, and her mouth. She knew when and where to put pressure on her lips, where to lick her tongue and how much noise and saliva to use.

The moment was upon me too soon and I warned her that I was about to cum. Michelle would take her mouth off of me and just jerk me to orgasm, but that mom, took me as far down her mouth and proceeded to suck and lift her head up and down as fast as she could go.

Her hands grabbed my thighs tight for leverage and with a bellow, I went over the edge.




Shots of cum, exploded out the end of my cock and into her mouth.

When my orgasm was over, she lifted her head off of me and swallowed my cum. I laid back on the bed, my legs hanging off the edge. She went into the washroom and closed the door.

Usually after I came, the date was over, so I did not know what to expect next. I was still lying on the bed when the phone rang. I thought about answering the phone when the mom came out of the bathroom, hopping and stepping into her panties as she pulled down her dress.

She signaled with her hands to be quiet as she answered the phone; it was her family. At first you could tell she was talking to her kids, the conversation sweet and short with lots of questions. After the third set of questions about the same thing you could tell that she was now talking to her husband.

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As she was talking to her family I realized that even though I had already cum, I was still hard. I was lying on the bed and was starting to feel self aware of how undressed I was and with seeing the mom put her panties back on, I figured the night was over. By the time I started to move to put my clothes back on, the conversation from the phone started to get heated.

It was obvious the mom was not happy about her husband not being there and how she was doing the work he was to be doing about searching for a new house. I understood that he had made plans to go out with the guys to a football game and that was why he was delayed a day in joining her.

I had managed to put my shirt and my underwear on when I heard the conversation turn sexual. The husband must have asked her what she did that night and she replied that she put on that dress he bought her and the sexy red lace panties, went down to the bar, had some drinks and danced.

However since he was not there he would not be able to sample the sexy lingerie she packed for him and to enjoy her sexy playful mood brought on by dancing and alcohol.

It sounded like he was trying to engage her in some phone sex talk, but she was mad at him and was in the midst of hanging up on him when I had taken my pants to the washroom to put them on.

When I came back out, to thank her, there she was in a white silky robe, lying in the middle of the bed. The robe was parted and exposed what cleavage she had and the partial nipple of her right breast. Her legs were crossed; her right foot beside her left knee and her right knee was in the air. This allowed me to see all of her right leg up to her hip.

All she said to me was that if he was going to stay home and go to a football game, then she was going to enjoy the room for it’s intended purpose; hotel sex.

With that she gave me the come hither gesture with her finger, opened her robe and spread her arms and legs for me. It took me all of ten seconds to undress.

I had read about cunnilingus from a book, so I knelt on the floor and positioned my face at her pussy. I licked all over her pussy. I had no idea exactly what I was doing, I just used my tongue to lick from the bottom to the top of her crack.

She must have known that I was new to this because she took my head in her hands and guided my licking by telling me “just on my clit, the big bump at the top”. When I focused my tongue on that spot, I noticed her hands start to pull my hair and her breathing got quite labored. She was panting and moaning. Not loud enough to wake the neighbors but loud enough to let me know I was doing a good job.

I first noticed the liquid expelling from her pussy when I made one of my last licks before she came. It had this taste to it I had never tasted before, but as I flicked her clit, her legs went straight, her ass tightened up, her hands clenched my head, her arms pushed her breasts together and she half sat up as I pushed her over the edge.

As her pussy spasmed from her orgasm, her vocal cords made her grunt at the same time. Her tight, thighmaster, thighs were clamped around my head so tight I’m surprised my eyes did not pop right out.

When her orgasm subsided, she went limp. I kept licking her pussy until she said stop and moved her hands overtop of it.

I stood up and got on the bed beside her on all fours. I played with her breasts. I’d put their size at an A cup and they were not firm, but her nipples stood erect when I ran my fingertips and especially my tongue over them.

Her hand found my cock as I sucked her nipples. She stroked it like she did before. I think she was gauging to see how hard I was because once she realized I was fully hard she positioned herself to accept me.

There this mom was, naked on the bed, legs fully spread and pussy wet. Her nipples were hard and pointed at me. I was kneeling between her legs, cock standing at 80 degrees, precum coating the head. When I moved towards her, she made a face that made me stop.

I looked at her, smiled, and told her that I have one in my wallet and should I go and get it? She looked pensive and shook her head. She told me that she liked it natural, but do not cum inside her.

It must have been the lust in us because she reached for my cock and guided me in. She held her breath as her pussy fully accommodated me. When I could feel my cock hit its limit, I withdrew it almost all the way and then inserted myself again.

Since I had cum no less than 15 minutes prior, the need to cum was not evident yet.

We got into quite the rhythm of fucking. I’d pull out and she shifted her hips back, then when I slammed in, she raised her hips to meet my harden cock. About a minute into first sticking my cock in her, she’d remind me to pull out to cum as if she expected it would happen very quickly.

I’d suck her nipples and her fingernails scratched my back. We were having a great time. When I got too heavy for her, she told me to withdraw and she moved on all fours.

She looked back at me as I grabbed her hips and slid in. The smell we emitted was intoxicating. The aroma from her cunt and asshole combined with me thrusting into her made me crazy with desire. So crazy that I took a finger and pushed on her anus. She looked back and said no, she wasn’t into that. I apologized and pulled my finger away. Her head went to the bed and she reached out out arms to grasp the bed sheets as I fucked her hard and fast.

We moved so much that the bed started to bounce on the wall. She asked me to stop and lie down. When I did she positioned herself on top of me. Her hand grabbed my cock and she slammed down hard on me. Her Alberta roots were kicking in as she rode me. Our hips were meeting and bucking each other.

She grabbed her own breasts and she squeezed and pinched her nipples. My legs were spayed out and she was able to raise and lower herself. The look of desire on her face as she controlled the pace was erotic to see. However I don’t think she was able to get as fast as she wanted.

She lowered her chest onto mine and told me to flip her over and really make her feel my power. I grabbed her waist and we rocked as one until she was on her back. She spread her legs wide, hoisted her legs and grabbed her ankles all while I was still inside her.

I readied my hands beside her head in a push up position and pushed my legs straight out. The only part of us that were touching was my cock and her wet pussy.

As I started to get my speed up, the slap, slap, slap noise was increasing becoming faster and louder. My balls were bouncing against her asshole, her breasts were flopping from our movement.

Our breathing was getting faster and she was vocally encouraging me to fuck her pussy.

When the feeling started, we were really going fast. The full length of me was pumping in and out of her pussy. I managed to ask her where should I cum, and I could see her eyes contemplate the answer.

Again I asked her where she wanted my cum. I really had to clench my kegels as I asked her. I watched the pleasure in her face and her eyes roll back into her head as she wrapped her legs around my back and screamed


So I did. I thrust my ass as hard as I could and I exploded into her cunt. I grunted with every contraction as my balls emptied themselves into her. I could feel her use her pussy to milk my cock of my cum.

I was so exhausted that I collapsed on top of her and we stayed like that for a while. She kept petting my back, shoulders and head.

When I could feel myself start to go flaccid, she tapped me on the back. I rolled off of her and watched as she gingerly got off the bed and squeeze her legs together as she waddled off to the washroom.

She took some time in the washroom, I could hear the toilet flush and the water running from the sink. When she returned, I was sitting naked at the head of the bed. She came and sat down by my side.

She stroked my chest and thanked me for helping her out with the two guys. She also told me she had a great time, but I cannot stay the night with her.

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As I got off the bed she passed me my clothes. She walked me to the door, we hugged and I left.


I woke up with such a hard on that even after I peed in the shower it finally deflated when I dried off. I half wanted to go knock on room 237, but knew that it would not be right.

Even at work that night I waited to see if she would order again, but with her husband coming into town, maybe they decided on another restaurant.

Years later

After high school I moved away to attend university. I had my shared of girlfriends but in second year I met my future wife.

Our relationship was really strong. It was not based on sex, but love. In fact it took us close to a year and a half before we ended up in bed. Yes we had kissed, petted and made each other cum with both our hands and mouths, but she promised her mother that she’d save her virginity for her husband.

We had told each other of previous boyfriends and girlfriends, but that one night with the mom was never mentioned. She didn’t seem like the girl I could tell a story like that to.

When semester breaks came up, she went home to visit her family and I went home to visit mine. Our relationship was getting really serious and soon it was time to visit her parents to ask them for their daughters hand.

Our parents knew that our relationship existed. We had both talked to each others parents on the phone when we phoned to talk to each other.

A long weekend was coming up and my girlfriend had a major paper to write. I made up an excuse and told her that I was going home, but in reality, I had phoned her parents to see if I could visit them.

They had been expecting the call to come and so on the Thursday after my classes I said goodbye to my girlfriend, got in the car and headed to her house.

The drive was a long one, but after hours of being on the road I pulled up to the address. It takes a lot of courage to park the car and walk up to your potential in laws house to meet them alone for the first time.

It was late, but her father was up. Her mother and sisters had already gone to bed. We shook hands as he welcomed me in. He offered me a beer and we got to know each other.

When the second round of drinks were over he showed me to my room (my girlfriend’s room) and wished me goodnight.

The next morning when I woke up, I showered and got dressed. I could not hear anyone in the house. The dad did say that he and the other two daughters would be out some time in the morning, but the mom would be home.

When I entered the kitchen, the first thing I saw was a lady in a silky white robe standing at the kitchen sink with her back to me. I thought I was loud enough, but when I said good morning, she startled with surprise.

She turned around and for the first time in years we laid eyes upon each other since that Friday night. We were both in shock. We stood there not saying anything when we heard the door open from the garage.

The dad and sisters were back from their errands and they brought in groceries. Dad introduced everyone to me and then asked me to help carry in whatever was left from the car. I was afraid that when I went back in that I’d either get my ass kicked or be asked to leave and never to marry their daughter.

When I reentered the house, the mom and dad were talking about their morning. I caught the mom’s eye and she gave me the “it’s okay look”. I helped out around the house and in the yard, the mom and I were never alone all day long.

As the day progressed I started to wonder if anything would be said from the mom to me about that night. For all I knew, that night with me was not the first or last night the mom spent fucking around with or without her husband’s knowledge.

By the time supper rolled along, we were all eating and the mom asked me what brought me into town. She gave me the opportunity to ask them the question.

I explained that their daughter and I loved each other very much and wished all of their permission to marry her. The two sisters were crying and the dad told their mom that he won the bet. Champagne was brought out and we all toasted to the potential engagement.

I asked them to please keep it a secret as I had not asked their daughter yet and that their daughter did not know I was with them. The rest of supper, dessert, and the night was spent asking me questions about details of how I’d ask her to marry me.

After we spent time watching a movie we all got ready for bed. The sisters went downstairs and the parents and I went upstairs to our rooms.

I was not really tired so I pulled out my book as I laid in bed. For the next half hour I read my textbook, surprised I had not gone asleep when I heard the soft sounds of bed springs; the noise obviously coming from the parents bedroom. My door was not fully closed. I heard them make love until the springs stopped squeaking.

I heard their bedroom door open and close and then the bathroom door close. I heard the toilet flush and the bathroom door open. I never expected to see the mom quietly knocking on my door.

In she walked in her white silky bathrobe and sat down on the bed by my hip. She just stared in my eyes, formulating her words. I just stared back at her. My sheets were only pulled up to my belly button and all I wore to bed was my underwear.

When her gaze left my eyes, I watched her look at my chest and lower to my crotch. The blood started to flow to my cock and when she was still looking down, there soon raised a prominent tent in my genital region.

She returned the look into my eyes and smiled. I smiled back at her and my hands lowered the sheets so you could see my cockhead peaking overtop my underwear.

She glanced down and made a throaty sound. She shook her head and told me that our secret stays in room 237. I was only the second person she had ever been with and she did not regret what she did. She originally just wanted to thank me for the help with the two douche bags (she motioned blow job) she ended up getting mad at her husband but could never do that again.

She went on to tell me that she often looked back on that night with extremely fond memories and sometimes when lonely her body wanted that night to happen again, but her brain would not let her. In fact, one of the reasons they did not move to my home town was out of fear of seeing me and wanting to continue the sex.

She made me promise that if I was going to be her son in law that we could never allude to that night and that she hopes any awkwardness between us will not effect the new mother in law, son in law relationship.

She then leaned down to kiss me on the forehead. I thought that was the end of our conversation, but before she got up, after she kissed my forehead, she bent down. Her right hand grabbed my underwear and yanked them down and her mouth in one swoop took my cock in her mouth.

She only sucked my cock for 5 to 10 seconds before she lifted up, smiled and told me that was one to forever remember.

She left the room and went back into her bedroom. My mouth was still open from the surprised very short blowjob, when I heard the bedsprings again. They were not as quiet as before. I jerked off to the noises coming from the parents room and timed it just right to cum when the squeaking stopped.

In the morning, there was no awkward moments with the mom. She treated me like a new member of her family. When I left to go back to school, hugs were given to all members.

That weekend at the football game I proposed to my girlfriend. I had the jumbotron write out the message for me and she said yes in front of the thousands of fans.

We got married a year later and have been married for close to twelve years.

When we see her family, her mother and I are not awkward. We react like our relationship should, but there are some times I catch myself watching my mother in law and know that I’ve seen her naked, I’ve seen how she loves to suck cock, and I’ve seen my cock cum inside of her.

I love my mother in law.

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