Vibha: A Memorable And Erotic Experience.

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Hello, friends, this story is about my encounter with a MILF whom I met recently. I was enjoying my long weekend with friends in Amanora Mall Pune when a lady in a shimmering white dress grabbed my attention. Roughly around 5’6”, with fat on the right places, fare and loaded with a mesmerizing scent, her thighs were provoking.

The leggings she was wearing were clearly complementing her curves from her calf muscle to her round ass. She had the perfect boob to ass ratio. I was just stunned to see her. Our eyes met 2-3 times. I just clearly gazed at her from top to bottom. She knew what I was staring at and admiring her stats.

She was alone. I was following her for an hour and no one had been around her during that period. She was roaming around with all her stuff she had shopped. She was carrying maybe around 7-8 bags. With the entire bulk load in her hands, she made her way to the parking lot.

I followed her bidding goodbye to my friends. Since it was a long weekend the parking lot was full. She had parked her car in the lower basement. My car was 10 cars away from her. While walking a shopping bag(paper bag) accidentally ripped apart, all the stuff from it fell down.

I hurriedly ran to help her get it together. A few deo bottles rolled away too far beneath other cars. I quickly grabbed some of the stuff and handed it over to her. She smiled back and stuffed the things in other bags. I told her about the deo bottles and leaned down to see beneath some cars.


She was standing beside me I could clearly see her curvy thighs and a bit of her toned tummy. She had a pierced belly button. I grabbed the deo bottle, Layer Wattagirl, completely complementing her. She smiled back and thanked me, she put the bottle in her bag.

I offered her to carry the bags till her car so that she doesn’t drop anything again. She readily handed over them to me. She walked swinging her ass and I followed her to the car. She drove a Honda Civic, she opened up the car and kept all her bags in it.

She thanked me for the help and asked me whether I was alone. I nodded. She smiled and asked for a quick coffee. When a MILF asks you for a coffee, you should never decline it. I readily agreed and asked me to get in her car. She drove like a pro. We reached a nearby coffee shop but thanks to Pune Traffic there was no parking space left for us to park.

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She asked me about my plans for the day. I knew I had my catch. I told her I was free the whole weekend. She laughed out loud and said I asked you about today and winked. She said she stays nearby if I didn’t mind we could go to her place for a coffee. I agreed.

We reached her bungalow. She parked the car and asked me to help her with the bags. I picked up 4 bags, she held the other 3. We went inside. She was about to keep the bags down when suddenly another paper bag ripped apart and luckily for me all her innerwear was spread all over the floor.

We started laughing and she gave me a hi-fi. I kept the other bags in a hurry and went to gather the fallen stuff. I quickly grabbed 3 bra’s and 2 panties and checked her size. I had my mouth open when I saw 36D. She saw me checking the size and said what’s the matter?

I in the mood uttered you are big. She smiled naughtily, winked and took away the stuff. She said today is your lucky day. I said let’s see and winked back.
She told me to sit and went into the kitchen, brought me a glass of water and sat opposite me. Her dress revealed her thighs to the ass.

She called her maid and asked her to make coffee for us and leave after that. She said she’ll change into something more comfortable and be back. I checked again from top to bottom when she left. She lived in a posh house, I saw a photo-wall they had.

It had many couple and single photos. It was clicked in Paris. She was wearing a small one-piece dress barely reaching her knees. I was busy checking all her pics when she arrived and stood beside me in a one piece rope. Before I could ask her about her husband she said he left her for an American bitch.

She is divorced for over 2 years now. I was shocked, who would leave such bombshell for some filthy American shit. She told me they had a love marriage which lasted for 2 years. Her husband got laid for a number times with his assistant in the US when he was on a project. He decided to end the marriage and settled with the bitch in the US.

Her whole life was shattered and she was left all alone. She shifted to Pune and works in a software company at managerial level. Tears rolled down her cheeks and she started sobbing. I held her hands and consoled her. She wiped her tears and asked to have the coffee.

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The maid asked her permission to leave. She told her that she’ll call her about evening work accordingly she can make arrangements. She told me her entire story while we were sipping up the coffee. She got married at 24 and divorced at 27. She asked me about my life I told her all the stuff.

She asked me abt my girlfriend. I was now in a neutral-single phase, no commitments, no attachments etc. I had a breakup 4 months back and wasn’t really interested to go back into any relationship for some time. She asked when was the last time I did it? I knew I was gonna get laid within some time with her.

So I wanted to be dead straight about the reply. I said physically a couple of months back and mentally I’ve been fucking her for the last 2 hours ever since I saw her. We had a pause and burst out into a loud laugh. She said she was also interested in getting laid today since no one had directly made eye contact with her the way I did.

She said she knew I would fuck her right there, the way I looked at her. Just to confirm whether I was just an on-looker pervert or some serious fucker she was also checking me in the mall. Since I followed her in the parking lot she knew I was into seriously getting into her legs. She didn’t mind my straightforward attitude. chat

I told her about all the girlfriends and milf’s I had slept with – 5 altogether. I even had a threesome when I got caught with my girlfriend by her aunt. She joined us as she had seen the entire show I put up. She had heard all the moaning coming out of the room and came to check in only to find us naked in 69 position.

Vibha threw a paper roll at me and started giggling. I asked if she wanted to be the 6th one. She said she didn’t mind getting laid but had some rules which both should follow.
1. This relationship will be purely for fulfilling our sexual needs, No Strings Attached, No Commitments.
2. Protection was a must every time.
3. If either of us ever got in a relationship, this relations ends at that instance itself. She didn’t want any of us ending up in trouble because of each other.

She stood up and undid her rope only to reveal the body she hides within. She was like the perfectly shaped babe I had ever since. Pink nipples, 36D melons, a sexy pierced belly button, long meaty thighs, and a perfectly shaved pussy. She came close to me and lip locked me.

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We kissed passionately, she undid my clothes and started stroking my dick. We had 2 rounds of tongue fight once in her and later in my mouth. It was the best I ever had. Her long black hair complemented her white baby soft skin. Her scent was making the magic. I had lost myself in her.

We both got on the sofa and started exploring each other bodies. She had goose bumps all over her since it has been a while since she had a manly touch all over herself. I always carry a couple of condoms with me. I uttered in her ears Dotted, Ribbed or Thin which would you prefer.

She replied back any order. I’m gonna take all three in one by one. She was not gonna leave me until I fucked her 3 times. I quickly got a thin condom out and rolled it up to my dick. She was dripping wet. I slowly guided my dick at the entrance of her pussy, she said to make it worth the wait. Its been almost 2 years she’s been using her fingers.

I slowly started stroking her. The wetness of her cunt was making it easy for us. Slowly I went in with my full length, tears rolled out her eyes. She closed her easy and enjoyed the moment. I started thrusting slowly and steadily. She whole room was filled with her moans.

I continued to drill her for next 5-6 mins, when I was about to cum she said she wants it in her mouth. I removed the condom and started to thrust my dick in her mouth. She held my ball sack and started massaging it while I was busy mouth fucking her.

After about 30 seconds I shot out a huge load in her mouth. She drank it in one gulp and closed her eyes. I checked the sofa, it was wet she had cummed twice. She hugged me and kissed my cheeks.

This was what she was really waiting for. She told me I’m staying there the whole night and using the remaining 2 condoms. I smiled back and said I’m all yours.

So, friends, this ends the first part of my story. Please share your comments on whether you liked it or not. Guys I am not gonna share her details or anything.

I will share our other sex stories in days to come. Any aunties, bhabhies who need sex in Kolhapur on “No strings attached basis” feel free to contact me at [email protected]

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